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Third Party

Third Party is a political party, literally named "Third Party", that's fully operated and controlled by teenagers.  We're leading the community to stay one step ahead of AI (Artificial Intelligence). 


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What is Third Party?

Third Party is a political party fully operated and controlled by teenagers.  We serve the community in all things related to the common wealth, even if it's not strictly political.  Our strategy is to make the common wealth "AI-proof" by keeping the community one step ahead of AI.  AI can buy votes with money, but we earn votes with trust.

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Why Make Third Party?

Jerome Bell is the founder of Third Party.  When Jerome found a way to decentralize wealth through the free market, corrupt government regulation was his biggest concern.  It became evident that society needs a failsafe against dysfunctional politics and government, and thus Third Party was born.  Though originally envisioned as an adult led party with teenage interns, it soon became apparent that teenagers are better suited to fully operate and control Third Party in perpetuity.  

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Who Runs Third Party?

Third Party is exclusively operated and controlled by teenagers (13-18) in perpetuity.  Teens benefit from Third Party by gaining practical experience with relationship building, Artificial Intelligence, entrepreneurship, professionalism, community service, and civics.  Teens are ideal leaders for Third Party because they have great social influence AND they are largely outside of the political system (ages 13-17 can't vote!).  So who better to champion the failsafe against corrupt political systems than those who are outside of that system yet still have great power.  And remember, adults aren't completely absent by way of the 18 year old teens.  Nonetheless, at 19 years old, you're OUT!

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How Does Third Party Operate?

How does Third Party serve the common wealth, both in and out of politics?  The answer is simple, we do what no other party is willing to do.  We build and maintain the "underground railroad" to the HIDDEN common wealth.  This is how we keep the community one step ahead of AI.


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