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Third Party 101

Third Party 101 is a Learning Party where we take teach the basics of Third Party.  It is for interested teens and voters alike.  Learn more below.

Ages 10 to Adult



Financial Literacy

Third Party is setting the standard for adult financial literacy.  We cannot begin to talk about politics without understanding the basics of money.  We address this first and foremost via a practical, holistic approach.

Learning Points


AI: To Serve Man

Currently, AI is a threat to the middle class because it's built both for and by the elite.  The solution is to keep everyone one step ahead of AI, that way we are served and not harmed by AI.  We achieve this through trusteeship, which bridges the public economy and the private economy, where the HIDDEN common wealth resides.  We demystify trusteeship with practical, hands-on education for average people.

Learning Points

    • Currency (USA)

    • Social Safety Net (HUE)

    • Worker Equity (Co-ops)

    • Tax Obsolescence (TIB + RIB)



School Board Campaign

The School Board is our initial focus for elected office.  This approach teaches teens self-advocacy first and foremost.  Additionally, public education aligns well with Third Party's education focused strategies.

Learning Points

  • Transparency

  • Voter Engagement

  • Policy Development

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